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Another V10 Added to the Fleet

Over the weekend I purchased a 1999 long wheelbase 3500 chassis cab V10. This truck is a very basic with few options but that's how I like my trucks. Below is a rundown of the new truck.

Year - 1999

Mileage - 140000

Engine - V10

Transmission - 2wd 5spd NV4500

Front Axle - Solid Beam

Rear Axle - Dana 80 Hybrid

Bed - 12 ft. flatbed

No A/C, manual locks and windows, sliding rear glass, cab lights, tripod style mirrors, no fog lights, Hydroboost brakes, 4 Wheel ABS

I intended to buy this truck only for the engine and random parts to keep my 1999 2500 on the road but upon inspection this proved to be a very clean truck and too good to part out. In some ways it drives better than my 2500 so I will be driving it until something expensive breaks or my 2500 goes down. Driving it will also give me chance to really determine the condition of all the systems on the truck and know what is worth saving when I do eventually part it out. In the mean time this new 3500 should provide some good content for the site as well as the foundation for doing a performance engine build for my 2500 and potentially a manual transmission swap.

This truck is currently suffering from a intermittent power loss issue that I will diagnose in detail.

- Zach

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