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V10 Magnum Correct Plug Wire Routing

Many misfire and rough running issues by new and inexperienced V10 owners can be attributed to incorrect spark plug wire routing to the drivers side of the engine. Because of the firing order of this unique engine, if the plug wires for cylinder 5 and 7 are next to each other spark can leak into the wire next to it. This is not a new issue and can be common on other vehicles with tight plug wire routing and high energy coils. The V10 has a unique scenario where as cylinder 5 fires, cylinder 7 is beginning the compression stroke and spark leak will cause pre-ignition. This is a dangerous condition for the engine and can quickly damage a piston, rod, or rod bearing in the affected cylinder if left unattended. The correct routing of the drivers side plug wires is to have 1 and 3 in the lower channels, 5,7,9 in the upper with 9 separating 5 and 7. Wires in this configuration will keep spark leak from causing any negative running conditions.

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