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New Projects for 2024!

A new year brings new projects! Recently I picked up a 1990 GMC Suburban and a 1961 Willy's CJ5 that should drive lots of new content and hopefully some new products for the newly launched store. Here's a brief summary of some of the new major projects.

1990 GMC Suburban

The goal with the Suburban is to repower it with a 6.0 LS and 4L80e combo to make this rig the new family hauler. I have already acquired the new powertrain from a 1999 Chevy 2500. Look forward to articles about the swap and engine rebuild.

1961Willy's CJ5

The goal with the Jeep is to overhaul the powertrain and repair the the tub while leaving the exterior untouched to make a fun driver. Look forward to articles detailing the rebuild of the entire powertrain.

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Congrats on your Suburban and Willy's finds. But don't most people come here for V10/ Gen 2 content?

Zach W
Zach W
Jan 07
Replying to

Surprisingly no the v10 stuff is some of the lowest performing content. That’s what I started this with but it must evolve with me and my interests. Don’t worry I will still do v10 stuff mixed in.

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