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Thuren/Carli Suspension Installed

Over the holidays I installed the suspension components detailed in a prior post onto my 1999 Ram 2500 V10.

Before - Stock suspension


After - Thuren XS coils, Carli leaf packs, and Fox 2.0 shocks.

The front coils lifted the front end 2 7/8" before any road testing. I was unable to tighten the adjustable track bar with the tools available and will have to do that my next trip in to visit family where the truck is stored currently. I am hoping the front end settles in some as it is slightly nose high even with the 2 1/4" lift the rear spring packs provided. I am excited to get the trackbar tightened and take the truck for a test ride and have it aligned. I expect the ride quality to be greatly improved as the front end compresses much easier than before by hand. Stay tuned for updates!

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