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V10 Bell Housing Pattern

It is a common misconception that the V10 Magnum shares a bell housing bolt pattern with it's small block relatives. Common big block and small block transmissions will not directly bolt to the V10. The V10 truck engine and Viper V10 share a unique bell housing pattern with the 5.9 Cummins that was also available in 2500/3500 trucks. This is due to the need for a larger torque converter or clutch that was required to handle the torque of the V10 and diesel engines. This means that any transmission that bolt directly to the Cummins adapter plate found in Dodge pickups will bolt to the back of a V10 Magnum. Dodge did not use an SAE bell housing pattern that is common behind industrial application Cummins engines.

Factory offered transmissions behind the V10:

47RH - 4spd auto

47RE - 4spd auto

NV4500 - 5spd manual

The above transmissions are a direct bolt in swap though flywheels for manual swaps are discontinued and must be sourced used.

Transmissions not factory offered that will bolt up:

48RE - 4spd auto - 2003 V10's, Diesel, Ram SRT 10

NV5600 - 6spd manual - Diesel

G56 - 6spd manual - Diesel

T56 - 6spd manual - Viper, Ram SRT 10

Flywheels, clutches, and torque converters may need to be custom made for swaps behind a V10.

Adapter plates would need to be made to mate any other transmission to the V10 Magnum.

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