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1998-2002 Dodge Ram Thuren Sway Bar Review

A while back I lifted my 1999 Ram 2500 with Thuren XS Coils and tuned Fox 2.0 shocks. I was impressed with the improved ride quality. I decided to take it a step further and install their front sway bar to replace the factory one in the search for even better ride quality.

Unboxing the sway bar I was blown away with the build quality. The welds were beautiful and the coating was even and smooth. I was surprised to see the sway bar mounts were stainless steel. Every part supplied was clearly high quality and well thought out.

Side by side comparison shows how much smaller the Thuren bar is compared to the stock one. Even being a smaller diameter the weight difference was minimal due to the beefy arms. Install was straight forward and it bolted right into place. I did have to mess with the bushing mounts some as the locating collars would contact the frame if they were not pushed as far outboard as possible. The bar is very close to the pitman arm and may make contact on some trucks due to casting variations on the pitman arm.

I have had this sway bar installed for 3000 miles now and the improvement in ride quality is amazing. Pulling into unlevel driveways no longer roughly bounces you around and potholes are considerably less noticeable. With this suspension setup can easily bomb down gravel roads at 45mph and you can hardly tell you left pavement. Washboard roads are significantly smoothed out and the ride is much more compliant. I did not notice any degradation in road handling or body roll even with the bed loaded down. Pulling trailers is no issue and still felt great pulling 8000 lbs. I would recommend this sway bar to anyone looking to improve the ride of their 2500 or 3500. I would imagine the improvement would be impressive on a stock truck.

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