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Bed Liner Refresh

Anyone who uses their truck knows the bed takes a beating and spray in bed liners offer great protection. When I bought this truck 11 years ago it had a beat up rhino lining that was poorly applied. When I restored the truck I hid the ugly liner under a plastic insert liner due to budget at the time being a poor college student. If you have ever had a truck with a plastic liner you know suck. Now with the availability of DIY spray in liners I decided it was time to give the inside of the bed an up lift.

The existing rhino liner had red overspray, scrapes, gouges, and sun fade. I used scotch bright wheels for an angle grinder to prep the surface for the spray in Raptor liner. Self etching primer was used on spots that were bare metal. During restoration the tailgate was replaced and only required scuffing the paint with a green scotch bright pad. With the truck masked it was time to spray in the new liner.

Raptor liner freshly sprayed before unmasking. Three 1 quart bottles was barely enough to achieve a uniform coat in an 8ft bed. A forth bottle would have allowed for even better coverage on the floor.

The final result. Fully cured and unmasked. Raptor liner is very easy to apply and looks great. This liner has been in use for 4 months now and showing no signs of peeling or lifting. The surface does not show scrapes from dragging items across it and I am very happy with the result. This bed should look great for years to come.

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Nice job! I've used Raptor many times even as chip guard. Believe it or not a professional shop puts on 4-5 gallons for good mil thickness and warranty.


Scott Croney
Scott Croney
Oct 19, 2022


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