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V10 Magnum DIY Intake Modification

Improve the stock intake and throttle response for $15 and 15 minutes.


Two 3” Fernco fittings @ $5 each

2’ of 3” PVC @ $5

Black spray paint (optional)



5/16” Nut driver/socket

Tape measure


Step 1

Remove stock intake flex pipe.

Step 2

Measure between air box inlet and elbow piece. Mark pipe. My truck was 9.25”

Step 3

Cut pipe and test fit.

Step 4 (Optional)

Lightly scuff pipe and paint.

Step 5

Slip fernco fittings onto pipe with ends flush. Insert pipe and slid fittings onto the air box and elbow pipe. Tighten clamps and enjoy your improved throttle response.

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