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V10 Throttle Body Adapter Prototyping

After seeing these engines swapped into multiple different vehicles and the interest in an affordable cold air intake I began the process of designing a throttle body adapter for these engines. The stock throttle body does not leave much room for options due to the geometry and how the factory air box mates to it. The adapter design will mate to the throttle body and have a round 3.5" OD opening to mate filters/additional tubing to.





To keep costs low I plan to 3D print the adapter. The following pictures show the fitment of a partial print of the first design. Note the opening is not round yet on this test fit.


Project Goal:

I hope to be able to offer these in mid to late January 2021 after extensive road testing different 3D printed materials. I want to ensure that the part will not warp or melt in common under hood temperatures. Cold temperature testing will prove out the part will not crack in subzero temperatures here in the Midwest. I will be looking for someone who lives in a southern climate to test these out in hot ambient temperatures. Pricing is TBD as the final material will impact the cost. Stay tuned for updates.

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