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Glasspack Exhaust

Today we replaced the rotten out stock exhaust on Old Flatty. The catalytic converters had been gutted long before I owned the truck and were poorly welded in to the point one fell off going down the road. The other cat was removed as to not cause a future road hazard leaving the truck straight piped directly under the cab. This was extremely loud ,obnoxious, and just asking for trouble. Since Flatty is a work truck we just needed a cheap exhaust to quiet it down. 30” Jones exhaust glasspacks were picked up at $27 a piece from Summit Racing. Overall these mufflers quieted down the truck while leaving it with some exhaust note although not an overly great sound.

Stock Cat Back Exhaust that was removed. Giant heavy muffler that had broken baffles inside that caused an awful rattle at high rpm.

New Exhaust installed.

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