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KYB MonoMax Rear Shock Install

Today I installed KYB MonoMax shocks on the rear of my 1999 Ram 2500 and will be sharing how to install rear shocks on your truck. This install will cover any 1994-2002 Ram full-size pickups and various other vehicles with similar shock setups. I will start with a list of the necessary tools to complete this job.

Tools I used:

1. Electric or Pneumatic 1/2" impact

2. 1/2" Ratchet

3. Combination wrench 21mm

4. Deepwell 21mm impact socket

5. Shortwell 21mm impact socket

6. Ballpein hammer

7. Snips

8. Crosscut pliers

9. Flashlight

10. Safety glasses

11. Anti-seize

Truck Prep:

The spare tire must be dropped to install the rear driver's side shock. Make sure the truck cannot roll while you are under it.


I started with the driver's side shock and loosened the lower bolt with the 21mm wrench, socket, and impact. Once the bolt has been removed, slip the bottom of the shock out of the shock bracket. Allow the shock to hang and move to the upper bolt.

To remove the upper bolt, use the boxed end of the wrench on the frame side and the ratchet with a shortwell on the other side. Remove the bolt and shock and set aside. Repeat the process on the passenger side. Note: to remove upper bolt on passenger side, a shortwell socket on a pneumatic impact was the only tool that fit on the frame side.

Side by side comparison:

My old shocks are a basic blue Monroe shock. The KYB's are slightly thicker in diameter and have much larger mounting eyes than the Monroe's. General construction is much beefier on the KYB and the quality of the welds are very high. The KYB's are stamped made in Japan and feature a rubber dust boot that secured with supplied zipties. Decals are also included in the box that you can choose to put on the shock or not.


Coat all bolts liberally with anti-seize before re-installation. When installing, place the shock in the upper bracket and slip the bolt through, but do not tighten. Next get your bolt ready and cut the strap on the new shock. Guide the shock into the lower bracket as it extends, and slip the bolt into place. Fully tighten both lower and upper bolts. Finally adjust the rubber dust boot to your desired position and secure with the provided zip ties. Repeat process for the other shock.

Above is the final product. Shock fitment is perfect and install was very easy. I am pleased with how they look and the red nearly matches Dodge Flame Red. I am looking forward to installing the front and trying these out on the road. Stay tuned for my first impressions on the road.

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