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Painting Old Blue

A few photos showing the process of painting project Old Blue its original color. All work was completed in my home garage with assistance of my father who has been painting cars his whole life.

Bed ready for primer after installing wheel arch patch panels. It may seem like there is a ton of body filler but it is a very thin coat and would only be detectable with a paint thickness gauge.

Truck bed in Nason 2k primer and ready for hand sanding.

Rest of the sheet metal getting primed after body work. Rust free panels were sourced from Texas.

Inside of panels edged in body color before being hung on the truck.

All body panels installed.

Upol Gravitex chip guard being applied on cab and bed.

Bed ready for paint.

Truck sprayed in Nason single stage paint. Color looks very dark inside with less than ideal lighting.

Painted truck bed in natural light to show its true color.

Finished product that will be wet sanded and buffed.

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