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Selecting a Wheel and Tire Package

A few months ago I installed a full suspension system on my 1999 Ram 2500 detailed in a previous post. Now that the truck is sitting higher the 265/75/16’s on the stock wheels look pretty small. The picture below is right after installing the lift. The problem with the factory wheels and fitting large tires on them is their width. At 6.5” they do not provide many options past a 255/85/16 and those will be quite the pizza cutter. Not the look I was after.

Current trends make finding attractive not black wheels with normal offsets more difficult than I expected. I wanted to try and keep the look my stock wheels provided while improving tire options. After lots of searching, I settled on a set of grey Vision Ojos 350’s in a 17x9+12. These would allow me to run all the way up to a 35” tire with no clearance issues. I went with the +12 offset to keep the tires under the fenders since I’m not a fan of tires sticking way out. Below you can see them test fit on the truck. The center cap does not clear the hub in the rear.

For tires I went with a set of Milestar Patagonia M/T’s in 295/70/17. Below you can see them next to the stock wheel for size comparison. With my setup I could go bigger but was concerned with losing too much power with 3.54 gears in the axles.

Below is the whole setup. I am very happy with the fitment and the overall look. I am looking forward to seeing how the Milestar’s perform.

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