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Mevotech TTX Ball joints Review

A few weeks ago I ordered Mevotech Terrain Tough ball joints for my 99 2500 since the driver's side lower is on its way out. After much research I settled on the TTX joints over Moog, Carli, XRF, etc. for a few reasons. Price point was my main concern when selecting new ball joints so that easily kept me from ordering the Carli and similar joints on the market. Next, I took into consideration features and construction on the joints left for consideration. I was looking for a joint that did not utilize a plastic polymer bushing within the joint so that knocked out most joints on the market including the XRF joints though they are regarded as some of the best standard joints on the market. The last two joints I had left to choose from in my price range with all metal construction were the TTX and Moog joints. When you look at the features that really only left one joint that fit my needs and that was the TTX. So let's take a closer look at them and I'll share my initial thoughts.

Lower Ball Joint - TXK8607T - $30 retail

Upper Ball Joint - TXK80026 - $30 retail

The packaging the TTX joints come in is very substantial with a nice box with a cardboard sleeve to keep the joint in the middle of the box. Each joint then has a plastic shipping sleeve on it to prevent it from being moved around in shipping. All parts are wrapped in a plastic bag to seal out moisture. Included in each box:

- Ball Joint

- Hardware

- Grease fittings with dust caps

- Install tool adapter

These joints are extremely tight out of the box and I was unable to move them by hand. This is a good sign as I have seen many cheaper ball joints almost flop around from new. In the picture above you can see the anti rust coatings on each joint and the supplied hardware. This is a feature not included on other joints on the market and should keep these looking new for years. Another positive feature is the installed boot. It appears to be made out of a high quality material with a metal ring squeezed on to create a good seal. There is a vent hole to relieve excess and old grease and is intended to prevent the seal from being compromised by over greasing.

The internal construction is of all metal construction utilizing a sintered metal gusher bearing with grease channels. The ball is enlarged over standard replacements for increased strength and durability. These joints appear to have all the good features you look for in a ball joint while being affordable. I am impressed with the initial feel even though they are manufactured in China. The craftsmanship is superior to the average part from China.

These joints have been installed in my truck for 5000 miles now and are still as tight as they were new. Even running lifted with oversize tires has had no negative effects on these joints. I will buy these again if the need should arise.

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